Professional Development

2021 Breakout Sessions

OCTOBER 27, 2021


A Values-Based Strategic Plan: Building the Framework

Growing Workforce Readiness with Micro-Credentials

Academic Integrity: A Revamped Policy with a Focus on Service, Teaching, and Learning

Designing a Dialogue: Making Space for Questions and Dialogic Feedback in Online Composition.

Accreditation Process- Lessons Learned


Legal Updates

The Impact of ICAP on Higher Education

Reach Higher- Oklahoma’s Degree Completion Initiative

Retirement Planning

Chasing a Dream During a Nightmare: The Audacity of Hope During a Pandemic


Process Improvement: Faculty Performance Portfolio Reviews

Developments in Early College Programs in Oklahoma

Closing the Achievement Gap: Understanding & Supporting Disadvantaged Populations

Connecting Education to Workforce: Incorporating the VCC into Career Planning

Building a Bridge of Light: The Nurse Educator’s Role in Meeting Both Student and Staff Objectives in the Clinical Setting


Disability Law and Accommodations: Sections 504 and ADA Compliance Issues

Show What You Know (+)

Undergraduate Mathematics and Teacher Education

Zooming in to Better Online Education: Best Practices for Increasing Student Participation in Zoom Classrooms

Oklahoma’s Online Collaboration Groups

Thursday October 28, 2021 Breakout Sessions


Plan for Tomorrow, Today!

Best Practices for Remote Advisement Using Zoom

Cancelled Guaranteed Energy Savings Program through OMES

Preparing Students for NextGen NCLEX-RN- Mindset & Item Writing


National Society of Leadership and Success: How to Start a Chapter at your Institution

The State of the Sector: Imperatives for Building A Stronger Community College

Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care Strategies

Student Engagement in a Post-COVID Era


A look at the HLC Accreditation Process

Conference-method Composition Instruction: Strategies for Diverse Learning Communities

Nursing During the Pandemic- Engaging Students

Poly+Zoom= Happy


Data-Drive Decision Making: Future Proofing Your Campus Facilities

Transition to Online Learning: A Student’s Perspective

Winning Proposals

P3 Funding for Education and Training