2022 Anthology

2022 GIFT Winner:

2021 Anthology

2021 GIFT Award Winners:

Develop a Peer Mentorship Program Through Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society at Community Colleges to Improve Students’ Performance“, Dr. Chunfu Jeff Cheng, Seminole State College

“Zoom Play Days”, Elise McCauley Row, Redlands Community College

2020 Anthology

2020 GIFT Award Winners:

Developing Concrete Examples of Mathematics by Forming a Multidisciplinary Learning Community“, Chuang Shao and Steven Fowler, Rose State College

Make Learning Come To Life Through Stop-Motion Animation“, Leann Fiore, Tulsa Community College

2019 Anthology

2019 GIFT Award Winners:


“Make It Personal!”, Jeff Provine, Oklahoma City Community College

2018 Anthology

2018 GIFT Award Winners:

“Using Research Assignments to Help Others: Students’ Research Helps with Establishment of Campus Food Pantry”, Dr. Kristen Marangoni, Tulsa Community College

“Make Every Day Count”,  Zachary Gutmann, Redlands Community College

 “Thinking Outside the Final Exam Block”, Dr. Heather Wilburn, Tulsa Community College

2017 GIFT Award Winners:

” Success Interview Assignment”, Francisca Jensen, Rose State College

 “EFA-cacious”, Joe Schicke, Tulsa Community College

 2016 GIFT Award Winners:

“Blending History With Developmental Reading”, Barb Cox and Mike Tabor, Redlands Community College

“It’s About Time”, Emily Smith, Western Oklahoma State College

2015 GIFT Award Winners:

“Critical Review of Science Writing, With Group Work and Peer Review”, Philip Morton, Murray State College

” Living History Research Project”, Stacey Frazier, Northern Oklahoma College

” Nearpod for Nursing” , Traci Boren, Oklahoma City Community College

“You Don’t Need Clickers to Flip the Classroom”, Tad Thurston, Oklahoma City Community College

” Biases, Power, and Confidentiality”, Jason Weger, Oklahoma City Community College

“God for a Day”, Aaron Bachhofer, Rose State College