Outstanding Faculty Award

2023 Outstanding Faculty

Carl Albert State College: Steve Hughes, Instructor Physical and Chemistry

Connors State College: Lynett Rock, Division Chair, Instructor

Eastern Oklahoma State College: Julie Collins, Biology Instructor

Murray State College: Dan Moore, Dean of the School of Health and Science

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College: Klayton Bridges, Physical Therapist Assistant Instructor

Northern Oklahoma College: Jill Harmon, Computer Applications Faculty Member

Oklahoma City Community College: Betty Coleman, Professor of Mathematics

Redlands Community College: Marcia Shottenkirk, Professor of Liberal Studies, Department Head of Liberal Arts, Director of Service Learning

Rose State College: Matt Czapla, Professor of Chemistry

Seminole State College: Crystal Bray, Health Sciences Division Chair

Tulsa Community College: John Mikolajcik, Assistant Professor

Western Oklahoma State College: David Goodman, Science Faculty

2022 Outstanding Faculty

Chelsie Barnes, HPER Instructor/ Sports Medicine Program Director, Carl Albert State College

Heather Lester, Ins/ Developmental Math, Connors State College

Andrea Green, Dean of Science & Mathematics Division, Professor of Biology, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Susan Yeager, School of Arts and Humanities Dean, Murray State College

Lori Kurtz, Psychology Instructor & Campus Counselor, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Stephanie Weckler, Business Instructor, Northern Oklahoma College

Dr. Liz Largent, Interim Dean Arts, English, Humanities Division, Oklahoma City Community College

Scotti Charmasson, Professor of Agriculture, Redlands Community College

Leanne May, Professor of Biological Sciences, Rose State College

Christal Knowles, Professor of Social Sciences, Seminole State College

Don Crall Jr., Associate Professor of Advanced Manufacturing and Business, Tulsa Community College

Brenda Straub, English Faculty, Western Oklahoma State College

2021 Outstanding Faculty

Daniel Smith, Instructor, Business Division, Carl Albert State College

Chris McBeath, Division Chair for Social Science, Connors State College

Larriann Livingston, Dean of Agriculture/ Agronomy Instructor, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Dan Moore, Professor, Science, Murray State College

Fred Crapse, Biological Science Instructor, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Dr. Frankie Wood-Black, Chair Engineering, Physical Science, Process Technology, Northern Oklahoma College

Sara Mathew, Professor of Computer Science, Oklahoma City Community College

Elise Row, Professor of English and Speech, Redlands Community College

Amy Hurst, Professor, Biology, Rose State College

Jeffrey Christiansen, Professor of Government, Seminole State College

Jennifer Campbell, Online Learning- Faculty Coordinator, Tulsa Community College

Amy Harmon, Business Education Instructor, Western Oklahoma State College

2020 Outstanding Faculty

Brook Wiersig, Instructor Biological Science, Carl Albert State College

Tabatha Hibbs, Project Director for the NASANTI Grant and English Instructor, Connors State College

Heather Spiegel, Nursing Professor, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Susan Yeager, Assistant Professor/ Chair of the Arts & Humanities Division, Murray State College

Susan Panter, Nursing Instructor, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Tammy Davis, NOC Stillwater Language Arts, Faculty Liaison, Northern Oklahoma College

Leslie Jones, Professor of History/ Co-Chair of the History Department, Oklahoma City Community College

Jamie Diggins, Nursing Instructor, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Todd Hobson, Professor of Criminal Justice/ Department Head of Social Sciences, Business and Safety, Redlands Community College

Dr. Elizabeth Boger, Professor Social Science Division, Rose State College

Brad Schatzel, Assistant Professor of Business, Seminole State College

Joshua Baker, Faculty Department Chair and Associate Professor of Developmental Education, Mathematics, Tulsa Community College

Dr. Jennifer Hammack, Agriculture Science, Western Oklahoma State College

2019 Outstanding Faculty

Bill Gann, Chair and Instructor, Division of Business and Technology, Carl Albert State College

Jake Walker, Equine Instructor/Assistant Rodeo Coach, Connors State College

Patricia Bolin-Ratliff, Dean of the Science & Mathematics Division, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Dan Moore, Science and Agriculture Division Chair, Murray State College

Steve Dixon, Math & Science Department Chair, Math Instructor, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Laura Marshall, Business, Computer Applications Instructor, Northern Oklahoma College

Mark Zindello, Professor, Oklahoma City Community College

Jamie Diggins, Nursing Instructor, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Dr. Kathleen Coughlan, Department Head of Science, Director of the Honors Program, Coordinator of NASA Grant, Professor of Anatomy, Physiology & Sciences, Redlands Community College

Sarah Hoss, Professor, Basic Courses-Health Sciences Division, Rose State College

Marta Osby, Professor- Social Sciences Division, Seminole State College

Ruby Marshall, Associate Professor, Health Information Technology, Tulsa Community College

Deena Morley, Chemistry/Plant Science Faculty, Western Oklahoma State College

2018 Outstanding Faculty

Susan Hill, English Instructor, Carl Albert State College

Jake Lawson, Equine Program Director/Instructor, Head Rodeo Coach & Assistant Dean of Students, Connors State College

Brenda Kennedy, Dean of Business Division & Computer Information Systems Professor, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Daniel Moore, Biological Sciences Instructor, Murray State College

Calvin Becker, Business Instructor and Love’s Cup Team Faculty Advisor, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Cassie Firth, Chair of Mathematics, Northern Oklahoma College

Kevin Eddings, Professor of English, Oklahoma City Community College

Boyd King, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Faculty, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Mike Tabor, Professor of Social Sciences and Department Head of Social Sciences, Redlands Community College

Steven Fowler, Professor, Engineering Coordinator, Rose State College

Jarrod Tollett, Associate Professor of Science, Seminole State College

Jan Barnett, DVM, Associate Professor and Program Director, Veterinary Technology Program, Tulsa Community College

Patricia Purdue, History/Government/Psychology Instructor and Division Director, Western Oklahoma State College