Hall of Fame

The OACC Hall of Fame was started in 2011. Since its inception 27 individuals have been selected. This illustrious group includes a current and former Governor, Supreme Court Chief Justice, former Chancellor of Higher Education System, College Presidents, and several distinguished educators. These are men and women of extraordinary talent, vision and leadership, who not only shaped our state, but established a living legacy which will enrich the lives of future generations.

Proposed members are nominated by the OACC Presidents, and final selection is made by the OACC Executive Board.


Joy McDaniel, Murray State College

Dr. Paul Sechrist, Oklahoma City Community College


Dr. Bill Cole, Redlands Community College

Dr. Thomas McKeon, Tulsa Community College


Dr. Ron Garner, Connors State College

Dr. Glen Johnson


Dr. Phil Birdine, Western Oklahoma State College

Dr. Stephen Smith, Eastern Oklahoma State College


Dr. Bess Jenkins, Redlands Community College

Dr. Joe White, Carl Albert State College


Dr. James Cook, Rose State College

Dr. Jim Utterback, Seminole State College


Dr. E.T. Dunlap, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Dr. Clyde Kindell, Murray State College


Governor Bill Anoatubby, Murray State College

Dr. Joe Kinzer, Northern Oklahoma College


Dr. Bruce Carter, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Dr. Juanita Krittenbrink, Redlands Community College

Dr. Carl Westbrook, Connors State College


Dr. Ed Vineyard, Northern Oklahoma College

Edgar Cruz, Oklahoma City Community College

Dr. Jo Lynn Digranes, Connors State College

Chief Justice Tom Colbert, Eastern Oklahoma College


Dr. Donnie Nero, Connors State College

George Nigh, Eastern Oklahoma State College

Dr. Dean P. VanTrease, Tulsa Community College


Dr. Jerry Carroll, Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City