Great Ideas for Teaching Award

The Great Ideas for Teaching program is open to all community college instructors, full-time or part-time, in any discipline. GIFT facilitates the sharing of ideas to inspire faculty, advance great ideas, and generate new ones.

The Great Ideas for Teaching program was created by Dr. Brenda Vance, a psychology instructor at Tulsa Community College. Dr. Vance passed away many years ago, but her legacy survived with Cyndi Hess continuing the GIFT program for awhile. Then, beginning in 2001, Dr. Doug Price, also from Tulsa Community College, took the lead with creative enthusiasm. He solicited more faculty involvement, presented greater incentives for faculty participation, and truly made the GIFT concept a gift to all for nearly a decade. In 2010, Cherry Rain from Redlands Community College was named chair. Ms. Rain and a team of ambassadors have been dedicated to building the history, continuity, and awareness of the GIFT program to complement the growth of OACC.

Past GIFT Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 GIFT Award Winners

        Francisca Jensen, Rose State College

       Joe Schicke, Tulsa Community College

Submitting Your Award Entries

Ideas will be published in the anthology in the format in which they are submitted. By submitting, each entrant acknowledges and consents to publication in the Great Ideas for Teaching Anthology only. Also, entrants consent to have contact information published in the anthology so that readers can inquire further.

Preliminary deadline for submission is Friday August 31, 2018


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AWARD ENTRIES MUST NOT EXCEED TWO PAGES SINGLE SPACED. Please send your entry as an attached Word document and email to 

Entries will be judged on the following criteria: