CSI Award

Congratulations to our 2021 Creative Staff Award Winners!

1st Place Nash McQuarters

2nd Place Teresa Brady

3rd Place Jennifer Champion

Creative Staff Innovations Award

Many great ideas are created and implemented at our Oklahoma community colleges. Through its CSI award, OACC recognizes these groundbreaking ideas and the staff members who originated them. OACC publishes the award winners each year in the CSI Anthology.

The Creative Staff Innovation, CSI, award is a program in which full-time and part-time staff members have the opportunity to share their great ideas and demonstrate how these ideas have brought about positive change on their campus. This award is intended for staff only. Faculty are encouraged to apply for the GIFT Award.

Cash Prizes Awarded 2021

If you have a great idea that has already been implemented, you may as well get paid extra for it!

1st Place $250

2nd Place $150

3rd Place $100

Prizes will be handed out the day of the staff conference.
*Winners will have their conference registration fees waived.

Contest Details:

Who can enter: All full-time and part-time  staff employees from all Oklahoma community college campuses. If co-workers and supervisors identify a staff member’s innovative work, they may also submit an entry on their behalf. If you are submitting an entry on their behalf, please include the nominees proposal: ( This will be sent to our conference planning team for voting and will be in the Conference Program and OACC Website)

a. Rationale for your idea
b. Identification of the problems or issues addressed
c. Description of the idea
d. How the problem or issue was resolved

Why you should enter: Staff members are in the trenches everyday helping to make their institution run more efficiently. Staff are closer to the problems and are often the ones to identify a problem and come up with a creative solution. All other campuses may be able to benefit from your great idea. You may as well get paid for it too!

How to enter: Fill out the online CSI application at the link below with your idea that has either saved the institution money or developed a better way of accomplishing a task, or implementation of a creative idea .

Contact Jennifer Proctor: jproctor@rose.edu with any questions.

When to enter: Applications are closed for 2021.

A panel of peer reviewers will judge the entries based on the problem, solution and evidence for impact on the institution. If you are a winner, you will be notified before the OACC Support Staff Conference on October 29, 2021 at Seminole State College. Winners are requested to attend the conference to accept their award, give a brief description of their idea and be available to answer questions regarding their submission. Registration fees will be waived for winning recipients.

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